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Properties and fields of application in 12 sentences  


1. Alginit is a natural occurring clay mineral out of the family of oil shale’s, originated 4-5 million years ago.


2. Alginit is recommended for use in amelioration wherever there is a need to store and retain water and nutrients to improve the soil structure.


3. Alginit has a very positive effect especially on acid and sandy soils but can also be used on all other kind of soils but excluding clay soils.


4. Alginit´s organic matter content (fossil algae-biomass) amounts up to 19%.


5. The cation exchange capacity (CEC) of Alginit is all way up to 35 cmol kg-1.


layer in root zone less leaching out


6. The total field capacity and the usable field capacity of Alginit amount up to at least 630 l / to und 410 l / to respectively.


layer in root zone less seepage


7. Alginit improves the soil structure and plant growth due to an increased generation of clay humus aggregates and activates microbial activity.


8. The application rate of Alginit depends on the kind of soil it is to be used in. For sandy soils an average dosage of 4-15 kg / m2  is recommended.


9. Areas of application are agriculture, landscaping, forestry, prevention of desertification, sport fields and park grounds.


10. The application of Alginit significantly lowers the amount of required irrigation water, plant nutrients and pesticides. As a result, production/manufacturing costs are greatly reduced.


11. The availability of the Alginit properties (storage of nutrients, water holding capacity and amelioration of soil structure) is perennial and sustainable.


12. Alginit fulfils the European Directives 889/2008 and 834/2007 and can be freely used for organic farming.


4-5 million  years ago green algae a relatively rare species (Botryococcus braunii) proliferated in the closed ring-shaped volcanic crater crater-cone which arose from the Pannonian sea.


The sea algae settled down with other floating particles on the bottom of the interior hollow. The mineral resource originated from this settled and fossilled algal-biomass is known as alginite. It developed in aerobic conditions.
Alginit belongs to the catergory of oil shales but it has got unique and individual attributes which can cause an alteration to the oil shales not only in physico-chemical characteristics but in the potential usage of the product. 
So far alginite was discovered exclusively in Hungary, or more precisely in the Carpatian Basin. It can be found and mined solely in this area of the world.
Alginit is a mineral containing in high concentration components such as humus, limestone, Nitrogen (N), potassium (K), magnesium (Mg) and other macro- and micro elements, these among 62 different components so far identified in it, all deriving from the region of Gérce, Hungary. 

The advantages of Alginit – irreplacable

  • Water saving – Retention of irrigation water by reduction of evaporoand seepage

1 to of alginit can absorb and hold 630 l of water, without any seepage or evaporation. Once bound, this water remains available to supply plants with sufficient quantities of water, allowing theto withstand periods of drought. The cycle of water retention and release can occur repeatendly and eternally. In fact the application of 4 kg Alginit on a surface of 1 m2 improves the water retention capability of  the soil up the to 40 %.

layer in root zone less seepage

Water Management by nature

Alginit has a positive, regulating effect on the water content of soil by steady and evenly releasing its bound water to the surrounding soil.

This improves the overall water content of the soil or is directly taken up by plant roots. This cycle of water retention and release can occur repeatedly.

  •     Outstanding improvement in soil quality (soil amelioration)

Alginit contains all the macro and micro elements nessesary for achieving optimum, balanced soil conditions. It use can increase of organic materials the to three times than that of soils with especially hight proporttions of humus.


additional nutrients added to soilAlginit contains 62 macro and micro constituents that are necessary for complex amelioration and conditioning







  • Long-term supply of nutriens

Alginit contains volcanic rock that enriches the soil wth minerals and trace elements that are constantly being depleted through agriculuse. Its fassilized algae biomass considerably increases soil fertility. These ara long-term benefits, for unlike with other fertilizers, depending on the rate of soil nutrient depletion retreatment of the soil becomes necessary only every 4-6 years. This compares very favourably to conventional fertilizers, which have to be reapplied several times a year. 



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